I am Stanislav Modrák, a freelance full-stack developer based near London.

I started testing the waters as a web designer and developer by joining Revolware team in 2018. Here I worked on projects like Wasteno app (an NGO trying to solve the problem of food waste) or Deety (a platform based on shared-economy connecting professional artists with customers).

Later in 2018, I co-founded Proxima startup (a school company that developed and pitched tailored chatbot solutions to highschools and dormitories). I also joined Slovensko.Digital NGO core team where I contributed to multiple open-source and private projects improving e-government in Slovakia.

In 2019 I began studying Computer Science at the University of Southampton, UK. During the summer after my first year I did a 3-month internship at a telephony software company Akixi.

Some of the open-source projects I contribute to.

Learn You a Haskell

An up-to-date community maintained version of the renowned "Learn You a Haskell" (LYAH) tutorials collection for the Haskell functional programming language.



Interactive guides on how to handle official matters electronically and avoid unnecessary bureaucracy.



An application that harvests data from various public sources and pushes them to ekosystem.slovensko.digital (an open API for access to complete consolidated governmental data).



An application that makes it easier for citizens to access voting cards or vote from abroad. For elections to the National Council, presidential elections or elections to the European Parliament. Consulted with the Ministry of the Interior on the functionality.


Find more on github.com/smith558.

smith558's Github chart

Other projects.

ObráňUkrajinu.sk - "Defend Ukraine"

A presentation of an official campaign for collection of funds for contribution towards The Armed Forces of Ukraine. The official campaign was launched by the Govenrment of Ukraine as a response to the invasion by Russia in 2022. ObráňUkrajinu.sk was created to bring this campaign closer to Slovak people in Slovak language and on a Slovak domain.

I am always happy to connect.

Feel free to send me an email at [email protected]. You can also find all my side projects on GitHub and learn more about my career on LinkedIn.